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"...definitely punches a hole through the more established forms of Prog and creates their own sound." *

Creating their own sound has been the driving force in Gravity Tree, an experimental, progressive rock group hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Gravity Tree influences fall all over the musical map: rock bands of the '60's and '70's, film soundtrack composers, performance artists, game music (which drummer/keyboardist Alan Nu also writes), and the "classics". The music Gravity Tree plays is sometimes referred to as Art Rock or Prog Rock, but other genre titles also fall on the group: Avant-Prog, Math Rock - even Fusion or Alternative.

After an early vinyl release (and a number of live shows to focus their experimental noise), Gravity Tree put forth their first CD, "Life or Dessert?" . This was followed up by appearances on several compilation CDs (including the Bay Prog Compilation disc), and their 2nd album "Ultimate Backward". More recently they have released remastered versions of "Conversing with the Dead" and "Threes Too", and are at work on new music. Their latest song is "Building".

In addition to critical praise, the band held the number 1 and 2 spots on the Progressive chart on NumberOneMusic for more than a year, with more than a million plays on their site page. They continue to be in the Top 10 in the genre on the local ReverbNation chart. Exposé Magazine has said: "Gravity Tree is one of the more interesting progressive bands around... their material bears a stamp of currency, yet also features the conceptual ideals of classic progressive rock."

I hope you enjoy the music we labor long and hard over, and thanks again for stopping by the site.


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